Blue Variant of HTC One Leaked

We love colors, yes but there are some things that we do not really want looking like they have been picked right from the most lousy collection of colors available in a flower garden. Gadgets are somewhat similar, you want your gadgets to be classy and nice, not hot and into your face. But looks like there is a section of audience that likes colorful phones and the major OEMs are all but more than happy to appease them. There is no other explanation for a pink Note II or even a vastly colorful Moto X. Personalizing is one thing, completely rebuffing the device is another. There can always be shells in various colors that can change the color of the device based on the preference of the user, a bit like Lumia 520.


The reason for this rant, is the fact that HTC are very close to showing off an electric Blue HTC One. I have been on record to say that HTC One is one of the best looking Android phones in the market out there, but to release it in every mean color like they did with a red one recently takes away the pure classiness of black and silver that the device brings to the whole metallic construction. The image was leaked by the ever reliable @Eveleaks, so you have to believe the product is pretty much final and soon will be available at least on AT&T.

Would you like a blue HTC One or you prefer to stay black or silver and stay classy Let us know your views in the section below.

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