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Launchers are a cool way of customizing your Android smartphones.In fact, not just cool, they are incredibly easy and simple way of totally personalizing the way your smartphone looks like. A simple experiment would be, install Buzz Launcher, Nova Launcher and Go launcher on your Android device and watch the phone take three different avatars.


Thus, it is always a great curiosity when a new launcher enters the market. Aviate is not your just another launcher. It is an intelligent solution to your Android phone to get things done quickly without too much fuss. It is extremely minimalistic in look and adapts to your needs and requirements. the app is only based on invites currently, so here is your chance to get into the queue to get this incredibly good launcher. Having used the launcher we definitely might even consider giving the age old favorite Nova launcher a skip.


The launcher incorporates Widgets and app icons in a neat way, very similar to the card like UI you must have seen on the likes of Google Now or even Keep. It is visually pleasing and with not jerky and chunky animations, elegant to use. You can also go ahead and request your invite from here. It may well be a couple of weeks before you get the invite, but trust us, the wait is worth it.

Via: Aviate

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