Boomerang is an Interesting new app from Instagram that allows you to create One Second Gifs

At the recent F8 conference facebook stressed the need of becoming a platform for other apps to run on to. they encouraged developers to build apps on top of the platform rather than bundling features within one app alone. It looks like a similar approach is being followed by Instagram, which is now a Fecebook product. Instead of bundling all the features into one application, Instagram has been rolling out new applications like Hyperlapse and Layout. An addition to that list now is Boomerang, which is the new application that lets you record one second GIFs.


The application in itself is extrmely simple in the sense you really have just two controls. You have the control to switch the cameras on your device and simply start and stop recording. The one second clip will then be shared either on across on either Facebook or Instagram itself. Make note that there is no explorer for users to see the GIFs in the app itself. The moment you fire the application up, you are required to record the GIF and then simply share it.

In fact Boomerang is one of the very few apps that at release itself is available both on Android and iOS for download right at the launch.

Download Boomerang for Android

Download Boomerang for iOS

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