Bow Man is Addictive Online Flash Game

At some point in time we all have played that occasional flash game which keeps us busy for a while. Some people might even get addicted to such brilliant games. Bow Man is one such game that will keep you glued to your computer screen.


The objective of the game is to kill your opponent using bow and arrows. That Sounds simple but it isn’t. To achieve this feat you have to fire your arrow at an accurate power and angle. The game is turn based so you have to take out your enemy before he does. And to do this you have to get your math right. There are many modes for this game as in player vs player and player vs computer. You can even practice in the practice mode to get good at this game. The interface is also very neat. For more challenging game play obstacles like wall and even wind can be added in the game.


You can play this game absolutely free at the Ninjachef site. To play this game, open the link given below, choose one of the given options and start playing game online. No need to download game on your computer. Also it is to be noted that flash player is required to play this game on your browser.

Play Bow Man Online

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