Build your own site with SubHub [Chrome App]

Google Chrome is a browser which presents users with a number of extra options to help get through their day when they don’t really have anything to do. The Web Store gives you a list of apps and extensions which help make the browsing experience more fun. SubHub is an app for Chrome which allows users to create their own websites for free.

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Subhub is totally free of cost and is a fun way to pass your time when you are feeling jobless. To get started, just download the app and go to the website. Register to the website and make sure to enter the name of your website. Once this is done, the website will redirect you to the website editor. Here all you have to do is follow the steps as given by the editor. Its as easy as it can get with this tool. Just keep doing what the editor tells you to do and within no time, you will have your very own website. The editing is fast and easy to use so you can create a website within 5 to 10 minutes.

SubHub contains a large number of images and editing options to make your website looking exactly the way you pictured it in your mind.

Download SubHub.

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