Bunk-O-Meter is the Android App to Help you keep track of your college Attendence

As a college student, nothing scares you more than a dropping attendance and the fear of getting detained or debarred in exams. However, some of the colleges have an attendance portals that keep you updated with your attendance and how many more classes can you afford to bunk. However, if you are not really sure of how many classes can you afford to bunk or can bunk in a semester then Saket Narayan has developed a cool app called Bunk-O-Meter which will keep the track of your attendance and make sure you do not get debarred.

Bunk-O Meter

The app is extremely simple to use and uses the same card like UI that you may have been familiar with using apps such as Google Now. The gestures are the same where you simply have to swipe to remove a subject. When you open the app for the first time, you simply have to enter the subject name as well as the number of classes that you have bunked and what the maximum number you can bunk. The setting up bit is extremely simple and once you have done this, you simply have to keep clicking on the plus icon which will iterate the number of bunks.


You can also set the notifications in the application which will basically remind you to update in case you have bunked the classes. You can set this for any time during the day you feel you are free enough to sit and plan your bunks. The app has a very neat and simple UI and you does what it is designed o very well. You can also refer the app to your friends, though that come with a situatory warning that the app is stricktly not for geeks who want to attend every single class of the semester.

You too can download the app for free from the Google Play Store from here and make sure you do not miss more classes than required.

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