Caffeine Prevents Your iPhone, iPad From Sleeping

One of the most irritating things about iOS is the lack of customization. One of such is the lack of backlight timeout option which is very basic. In fact so often we are working on an important document on our iPod or iPhone and bang, off goes the screen, it really is one annoying thing to continuously slide to unlock. Or the worse one is when you are installing something from Cydia and the screen shuts down, and there you are sat wondering if you have bricked your expensive gadget.

To prevent this from happening and keeping you away from such mini heart attacks Caffeine is a wonderful tweak. It prevents your screen from going into sleep mode when you are working on something important that requires your screen to stay wide awake. The only required feature you need for this tweak to work is the need to have your device jailbroken.


In order to get this tweak, all you have to do is head over to Cydia and in the search bar search for caffeine. Download it and install it. After you exit from Cydia, you should go to the settings on your dashboard and under activator tab select any key that you wish to associate with activator.

From here onwards, it’s a simple process, once you use this short cut key, a dialog box is displayed saying that caffeine has been activated and your screen would remain on until you toggle the same hardware key again. The screen would not switch off however after a prolonged usage it may dim a little bit.

[via: Addictive Tips].

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