Call Announcer: Announces Calls and Reads SMS on Android Phone

It is in a lot of ways funny that smart phones are used for so many purposes these days like playing games, listening to music, syncing tasks, sending emails that at times we tend to forget that their main purpose is to make a phone call or send a short text. However a phone, no matter how well spec-d up is pretty useless if it cannot do these two things well. So today we have an application for you that would help you in these two essential functions of the Android smartphone.


The application in focus is Call Announcer. It is a very simple yet highly intuitive application that basically acts like an announcer when you get a phone call or text message. This is particularly handy when you are busy working and your phone keeps on beeping, instead of always going through the pain of taking the phone out and answering it you can always just hear the announcement and depending on it accept or just reject the call. The application is not the easiest to use, and that is because it has a plenty of customizations. From the type of voice to the language to the content of the announcement you can customize everything according to your need.


However, once you get the hang of it, it is a wonderful added feature to your already brilliant android phone and is pretty light on the RAM too and does not result in hanging up or any sort of problems during the call. It uses Google’s Text To Speech so is fantastically well integrated!

All and all, it’s a wonderful application that is really useful to all the users and in a lot of ways a must download. You can find the application here at:

Download Call Announcer.

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