Callbar Prevents Unwanted Calls in iPhone and Never Lets You Get Disturbed While Work

We love our iPhone not just to make phone calls but also to browse the web, surf internet and play games and run numerous applications. It is extremely irritating when we out of the blue we get a call and we don’t want to take it but for those 45 seconds losing concentration from what we are doing is majorly irritating.

So, a simple solution is now available for all those iPhone users who face a similar problem. The most important part is that you must be on a jailbroken iPhone for this tweak to work. The tweak is called Callbar. It replaces the default call screen and replace it with a iOS 5 style notification on the top of your screen. This way you can see that you are getting a call on the phone and yet carry on working.


Follow these simple steps to download this awesome tweak:

1) Open Cydia and let it load its data.

2) Make sure you have added Big Boss repository.

3) In the search tab, type ‘callbar’.

4) The tweak is available for $3.99 but it’s definitely worth the amount for its functionality.

5) Exit cydia and you are set.

The tweak really shows what the IOS 5 is actually capable of and how the future of iPhone would be. This tweak not only works with the voice calls but also things like facetime. The tweak works absolutely wonderfully and without any lag. You can just tap the notification pull down for making the phone go on a silent mode and stop the ringing.

Despite not being available for free, I highly recommend this tweak. It is very neat and makes sure that calls don’t disturb your work on the device and for that alone is a wonderful addition to your iPhone. This tweak works on all the iOS 4.3+ devices. But this is a tweak you install at your own risk and we would not be responsible for anything going haywire on your phone.

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