Callistic Let’s You Analyze Your Call Record On Android

In all the search for app that do a million things, it is easy to forget that the main purpose of our smartphone even today is to simply make a phone call or send short messages. In fact we live in a world where we select a phone for just about everything apart from these two most important things. the call quality of devices is going low and batteries are bad, but a game of Angry Birds is what matters to us most. However, there are still a few apps around that bring us back to the world of reality where phones are used to make calls. Callistic is one such application.

It helps you to analyze your call records in a very intuitive and interesting manner by giving you fact and figures of your calling records. You can view the calls on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis and see which contact did you talk to the most and for how much time. The good thing about the application is that it supports and records unlimited calls even if there is only a space of 500 call logs in your device and this is really handy.

You can easily find out at what time and how much you call your contacts. Social network is also integrated into the application and you can post the stats on Facebook if you wish to via the full version of the application. Why would someone want to post that sort of data of themselves is beyond me but it is a feature none the less. You too can download the free version of this application here.

Via: Ilovefreesoftware

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