Capture screenshots easily with Desktop Hunter

Desktop Hunter is a lightweight hardware utility that allows users to quickly take screenshots of their desktop. Users can customize the preferences for each format of the images taken and convert images into other formats using this tool.

desktop hunter

Desktop hunter is a tool that makes it easy for users to take screenshots of their desktops. With its many customizable features, this tool might just be one of the best at what it does. You can save images in various image formats like jpg, bmp, gif or png with the option to adjust the image quality as well as the compression quality of the images taken. The application also supports an auto save feature wherein users can set a default folder to save the screenshots and the app will automatically save these files in the predefined folder.

Users can set separate hotkeys for taking snapshots of a selected region, active window or take snapshots of the entire desktop. Users can even set the app to open automatically at startup.

The best thing about this app is that it is available in a downloadable as well as a portable version. The freedom of choice is what appeals to most users. You will not be required to install the app in the portable version. Simply extract the files and run the exe file.

Download Desktop Hunter.

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