CaptureIt Plus is a Simple Tool For Taking Screenshots in Windows

Sometimes taking screenshot in Windows computer becomes full of hassle. It is the case when you want to capture any opened window or a any particular are of your screen. Windows 7 and Windows Vista comes with an inbuilt snipping tool which is a nice option to capture a screen but if you are looking for an alternative of Snipping tool then check out CaptureIt Plus, a simple and easy to use screen capture tool for your computer.

To get this tool, download and install it on your computer. It sits on the system tray of your PC. Right click on the icon of a tool to explore all the options. You can capture either full screen or a rectangular part of the screen. Also it provides a facility to capture opened window or any free form area.


When you capture the area, the screenshot automatically stored in a particular place. You can access and change the location by right clicking on the icon and then going to Tools –> Options. There is an option available to send the captured screenshot to the mail, printer or clipboard. These options will be helpful if you want to send a screenshot to someone quickly.

Overall it is a very simple and easiest way to capture screen. You should give it a try.

Download CaptureIt.

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