Carbon For Android Is A Sleek New Twitter Application

Very few Applications in the Android Play store have been more eagerly awaited than Carbon for Android. There are plenty of amazing third party Twitter applications for Android, such as Slices, Falcon and plenty others, yet when Carbon went live last night/early today morning, the entire community went ahead and downloaded this Holo theme based application simply because we had seen this app right from its very early days of development. We were not disappointed with the application when it did finally arrive, though yes, it does have it’s share of short comings, but we do hope Dots & Lines would be getting across to solve them very soon.

If you have been using Falcon for Twitter, then at the very first glance Carbon looks very similar. The gestures are pretty similar, yet there is a lot more that Falcon can do, at least as of now.

Carbon For Android

The moment you launch the application, you are greeted with this cool black page with a flying bird where you have to select the bottom tab to enter your Twitter account details. The simple start screen with it’s colors integrated it well with the dark themed application. To enter the Twitter ID and Password, you are directed to the Twitter authentication page. This is a quick process, and there was no lag or problem with connecting the application to the account.

Carbon For Android-2

Once you have done adding the credentials bit, you are taken to the main home screen. Here you can watch your entire Timeline which is basically the people who you have been following. Their tweets appear in a neat stacked up fashion, and the use of lines which separate the tweet and the incorporation of exact time in seconds when the Tweet was sent, gives the app UI a real lift.

Carbon For Android-3

Now, if you want to compose a Tweet to let your users know what is happening with you all you have to do is tap the Plus mark that you see at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side. This opens a full size page where you can easily enter your Tweet and even attach pictures if you wish to.  However, the Tweeting window is fairly simple, and we would have liked a trending hash tag option somewhere in there so we could directly see the trends and add the hash tag.

Carbon For Android-4

You can also get into the menu of Carbon by clicking on the small menu button at the bottom right of the application.Once you press the menu button, you are presented with options to view your Favorite tweets, Lists, Trends where you can then select be it World or some specific region, Search button, Filter and Settings tab.

Carbon For Android-5

You can check out the lists that you may have made on twitter by clicking on the second option from the top in the menu list. It is convenient and extremely simple. The list does take about a minute to load or so depending on your internet connection but we did not really experience any sort of lag. You can also get into the settings of the application by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom most place in that menu. There is not too much customization possible at the moment. You can switch the notifications on in case you receive a mention or a DM. The application automatically checks for new notifications every 15 minutes. There is no way to change this at the moment at least. So if you want to get instant push notifications, that is not possible.

Carbon For Android-5

In case you wish to see your own profile and track the number of followers you have or following, then you can select your Twitter icon which appears at the bottom of the screen between the compose icon and the menu icon. This opens a really pretty looking window with your details of Twitter account. You can also edit your Twitter profile here by taping on the edit button. However, there is no provision for you to edit your Twitter header so far or editing the image of your Twitter account, which we do hope will be added soon.

Carbon For Android-6

If you want to however, manually refresh your timeline, the procedure is fairly standard. You just have to pull the timeline panel down and leave it to refresh. We like the animation that the application has while updating, and then you are presented with a number about how many Tweets you have unread.

Carbon For Android-7

You can also access your DM’s or mentions by swiping the timeline pane to the right. You may have to update the two sections when you use the app for the first time for them to occur as it did not happen automatically for us. However, this is a small glitch and not one that we had a problem with. Long pressing the tweet brings on the menu for tweets, where you can re tweet, favorite or reply to the tweet in a very neat menu.

Overall, the application is a must try. Yes, there are some glitches and things we would like the app to do, such as tablet support and ability to change the checking of timeline as per our requirements, but we are sure they would be added with time. It is definitely one of the very best Twitter apps out there for Android and we highly recommend it. You can download the application from Google Play Store for free here


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