Carrier Billing Finally Comes to Android Play Store


Carrier billing has been one of the most requested new features on Android for a while as far as India goes. This method of using your carrier credits for purchasing applications or content on the Google Play is something that is already prevalent in the United States and parts of Europe. Finally, Google has decided to go ahead and enable carrier billing with Idea Cellular, the third largest telecom player in India. Both prepaid and postpaid users will be able to go ahead and buy content from Google Play in addition to paying via credit card or debit card if they wish to.


Google has confirmed that more telecom partners will be coming on board soon, so you would assume at least all the major players like Vodafone or Airtel will be in support soon. However, in the micro description, there are a few things that you should know about before you jump into paying via your carrier.

The first being that you can only spend Rs 300 at one go when you decide to pay using carrier integration. Secondly, Idea is going to charge a convenience fee of 14% when you make a transaction depending on your circle. For places like Madhya Pradesh, this percentage can be as high as 54%. The refund policy will apply as they do on all Google Play purchases. With Indians reluctant to using their credit card or debit card online, this could be an interesting alternative mode of payment, which is both convenient and easy but comes at a slight cost.

Image credits: Hans Gogia @ InstallorNot

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