Cartoon Tool to Create Funny Photo Effects

Cartoon is a website that allows users to make fun and interesting edits to their images with a few simple tweaks. Users can convert their photos to give them a cartoon effect and give animated effects to their images. All this can be done online without any installation or registration. So this website is a nice place to pass your time.


The main page contains samples of images you can use to try out the tools and their effectiveness on your photos. To get started with your images, select an image from your computer or enter a URL to the image that you want added to the tool for editing. Once this is done you can start performing basic edits like giving a cartoon effect to the image or cropping the image to make the face clearer.


The app will automatically crop your image so the face is clearly visible as most of the animated editing is done to change facial expressions. You can choose to give a cartoon effect or simply start with face morphing.


There are a number of fun options available which will change the look of your photos. You can literally change the expression on the persons face in the image by selecting these options. You can make the person cry, smile, frown, wink etc. You can also add some freaky expressions to the person in the image like giving unusual edits to the image like alien, trolls, martians etc.

This is a nice place to have fun with your images if you really have some time to kill.

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