Catch the Live Stream of Samsung Galaxy S V in India here

Samsung is all set to bring its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S V to India today. In an event that is to be held in New Delhi starting 11:45, Samsung is finally set to show off the device after it was launched at MWC in Barcelona. The phone has been one of the most eagerly awaited devices given some of the cool new features such as a Heart Rate Monitor, a Fingerprint scanner as well as a 16 MP rear Camera. It is not very clear whether we will get the Exynos device in India or the Snapdragon variant though. There is 2 GB RAM and 16/32 GB internal storage on the device with a removable back panel though. However, pricing of the device remains a massive mystery.

To be able to gauge the answers for more such question, you would sure want to tune into the live stream of the event right here on Blogtechnika starting at 11:45 AM:

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