Celeste Lets You Transfer Files, Songs from iPhone via Bluetooth

iPhone comes with Bluetooth but it only supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile, A2DP and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5. iPhone users are really disappointed that they still can’t transfer files between iOS devices or any other Bluetooth device, which is the most common thing people do nowadays.

Suppose you hear a good song, some friend near you ask you: “Could you please send it to me over the Bluetooth”? An iDevice user replies “I’m sorry it’s an iPhone i can’t”.

A crappy thought might comes inside your friend’s mind: “What a useless phone can’t even send songs!”

By unleashing the power of jailbreak a new application named called Celeste, bluetooth File Sharing that allows jailbroken iPhone users to transfer files to other Bluetooth devices without any hassle.


It can be used as a normal device having Bluetooth to send songs, photos, videos and contacts.

Celeste is compatible with iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 4.3

To download this app:

1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in “Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing”.

3. It’s free in the IHR (i hacks repo) and the sinfuliphone repo.

4. Select it and install it.

5. Respring or reboot your device.

6. You are done to use it.


This is a guest post by Achint Maniar. He is a professional DJ and he loves all things related to music. He is a wonderful guitar player and very good in digital remixing.

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