Change the Colors of Folders for Easy Identification with Folder Colorize

Some of your drives may be so cluttered that you will find it difficult to locate and identify certain folders. Folder Colorize is an app that allows users to change the colors of their folders from from default to help in identifying them easily.

folder colorize

Folder Colorize comes in an installer and once installed, the app gets added to the context menu of every folder. Right click on the folder whose color you want to change, go to the Colorize option in the context menu and change the color to any of the preset colors. You can even create colors of your own and add them to the colors menu. The default colors that are provided on the app are yellow, lawn green, red,blue,silver,violet, sandy brown and aquamarine. You can restore the original color of the folder from this menu also.

Folder colorizer also allows users to customize the colors used for the folders. The color customization tool is simple and easy to use with the color wheel which you can use to bring out your most favorite colors and label them according to your liking.

color customize

Folder Colorize is light and is easy to install and use. The colors can help brighten up your desktop and also help you to easily identify folders from their colors. This app is compatible with any version of Windows

Download Folder Colorizer.

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