Change Tracks With Volume Rocker Keys on Android

Smart phones are the best music players out there simply cause of their portability. The iPods are still the rage but with the growing improvements in the media playback abilities of the smartphones, they are being used as media centric devices. For all our Android readers here is a wonder tweak for their music playback.

For all the custom ROM’s this is an inbuilt tweak. If you are using Cyanogen Mod then this would probably be a trick you would be aware of. If you are playing a music track on your Android phone that is rooted and running a customized ROM, then pushing the music button once will increase the volume or decrease depending on the volume rocker used. However, very few people know that keeping the button pressed for a long time on the device would toggle the music.


Pressing the volume up music rocker button for a long period toggles to the next song in the play list while pressing the volume down button moves to the previous song in the playlist. This feature or shortcut though is not available for people running their smart phones on the stock ROMs.

However, if you really like this feature and want to use it in your everyday device then I suggest you can download PowerAMP from the market place for free. It has the feature inbuilt and works seamlessly. This feature can be toggled even from the lock screen so even if your phone is on the sleep mode, changing of the tracks is now possible without having to go through the pain of unlocking it.

[via Lifehacker].

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  1. Huh, I have had PowerAMP (paid) for less than a year and it doesn’t work on a Sony Xperia X10. It does work on Cyanogenmod (I use to use it), but not on Stock ROM, or Wolbreak’s TW Gingerbread V6.

  2. On Android 2.3 (Galaxy Ace) the track change with volume button seems doesn’t really work… I searched in the menu if I could change settings but didn’t find. Any idea?

  3. Like I have pointed out, this is mainly for the CM 7 Mod, and in case you are using the player, try it with the screens backlight turned off. There is a probability that it may not work on the player if the keys are pre assigned by the manufacturer.

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