Change Your Android Wallpaper Automatically

One feature that constantly keeps changing on our smartphone is the wallpaper. I am absolutely in love with the 4.3 inch display on my HTC Desire HD and love to put on high quality wallpapers. However after a point, it becomes very difficult to decide that which wallpaper to use as there are plenty of good ones. Wont it be so awesome if there is a software that could automatically change these wallpapers for you?

Well now with Wallpaper Changer, you can set it to rotate periodically among images that you select. It is an amazing application that constantly keeps changing the wallpaper on your Android device. This application is specifically optimized for better battery life and system performances. The app also comes with a widget on screen which wen tapped switches to the next wallpaper automatically.


The best thing without a doubt is that this is a free application on the android market place.

Some of the features of the app as listed on the market place are:

  • Change wallpaper with a timer.
  • Easily add images or even folders through the Android gallery & other file managers.
  • Ordered rotation or random wallpaper
  • Very low memory and battery consumption
  • Free & without ads or any restrictions


Download Wallpaper Changer for Android.

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