Change Your Windows Look Using Ultimate Windows Customizer

There are many apps available for Windows that allow users to change certain aspects of their Windows to give it a more artistic and creative feel. Rainmeter is one such app that comes to mind. The Ultimate Windows Customizer is an app which contains all that you will need to make changes to your Windows to give it a new look. Most users shy away from software like this as they can sometimes cause major damage to system files and in the long run prevent Windows from functioning properly. But this app is different in a way that it will create a backup before performing each and every step so that you can always revert back to the original whenever the user wishes to.


The app contains almost all the minor tweaks that users like to make on their system to change the look of Windows. There are a number of options like:

1.Changing folder backgrounds, themes, drive icons etc. which can all be changed to something different.

2. Users can configure their context menus from this app. They can add or remove options from these menus to improve accessibility to certain areas on their computer.

3. Users can change the background of their logon screen from this app. Simply select an image from the computer and from the next session, their logon screen will be changed to the one selected.

4. Users can change the start orbs from the default to any other. You can find millions of start orbs from the internet if you look for it.

5. Change the icon size and spacing on the taskbar or even permanently hide the taskbar if you like that sort of thing.

It is mostly advised to let your Windows remain as it is as these changes can sometimes render your system to fail. But the Ultimate Windows Customizer will not let that happen as it lets you to simply revert your settings as soon as you notice something suspicious.

Download Ultimate Windows Customizer.

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