Charge upto 40 Different Phones with this amazing Wireless technology

Wireless charging is the new blue tie of the tech fashion town. While the major companies are still battling to secure one standard for wireless charging that would be universally accepted, there are plenty of new applications of the technology emerging already. However, so far we have seen applications of wireless charging used in places like car charging or on desk, but one thing that has been common in all these have been that you need some sort of contact between the backplate of the phone and the charger.

power Zones

But what if, you could charge the devices, plenty of them, without the need of any physical contact. That is exactly what some of the folks in Korea seem to be experimenting with. It is technology like this that truly will revolutionize the way we charge our phones and perhaps also go a long way in helping us clear the clutter on our desks keeping the desk cleaner. The people at KAIST have developed a technology where you can charge up to 40 devices as long as the 40 devices are 5 meters near the base station. The prototype can not just charge phones but also help you power fans and televisions etc, making it a pretty revolutionary prodcut.

The makers of the technology believe, just like Wi-Fi Zones, such power zones will be a massive part of the future. You can check out the detailed working of the technology in the video here:

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