Charted by Medium Helps you Prepare Interesting Charts from CSV Files

We have all had that CSV sheet which has plenty of big data, asking us to eat it alive or to simply decorate it in the form of neat and good looking charts so that everyone can comprehend what it means. The easiest way to do the same is to use Microsoft Excel or Numbers, for those on Macs. Another alternative is to use Google Sheets to draw up the charts and present them.


However, with all of these tools or softwares, the work is tedious and long, and not forgetting that you actually have to sit and make a selection based on what charts you need to pick up and things like that, which never is the easiest thing to do. To make things easier, Medium, a blogging platform initially has come up with a new tool called, Charted which helps you come up with these interesting charts easily. All you really need to do is to upload a csv file into the tool and it will automatically come up with a graphical illustration for the same so you can carry on with what is more important without worrying about the data selection or sort of chart to use.

The tool is available for absolutely free, and supports not just a csv file, but also link to a Google Spreadsheet file, so there is no issue migrating the existing data. You can visit and start using Charted right here

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