Chat With Users Of Any Website Using Talkita

Let’s say you visit any site (say Amazon) to purchase any product. You do every thing to know about the review of product (especially you see stars given by other users and read all the comments). It would be great if you encounter any real user of the product via chat on the same site. Wait, Amazon doesn’t provide any chat facility between users then how can you chat on Amazon site? It is possible via Chrome extension known as Talkita.

If you install this extension on your browser, you can visit any site and talk to users using the same extension and on the same site in real-time. When I heard about this extension I thought it wouldn’t work because it doesn’t have a large user base. But I was surprised to see the results when I tested this extension on Amazon site. There were many people using this extension and asking questions. Here’s a screenshot.


After installation, a small Talkita icon will appear on the extension bar. Click on the icon to get the options. You can choose whether load Talkita chat on every site or not. Also you can choose the position of chat pop up. After installing the extension, visit any site and click on the Talkita chat launcher icon present at the right side. A chat box will appear showing all the other users of the extension. Login using Facebook connect to chat with other users. All chat are public and you can ask questions related to products.


To talk to users on any site you need to connect via Facebook. There is no other login option available but according to developers of this extension more login option such as login through Twitter, and Google connect are coming soon. Also extensions for Firefox and IE are coming soon.

Download Talkita Chat Google Chrome Extension.

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