Check How Your Website Looks Like if You Get Drunk

It’s New year time and people all around the World are celebrating it on their own way. If you are celebrating it with alcohol then it’s better to take a break from your blogging related work (apart from avoiding driving vehicle). If you want to check how your website looks like if you get drunk then head over to a web application known as Alcowebizer.

According to its developers it is simulator of drunken web design. After visiting it all you need to do is to enter your website’s URL. There is a slider given at the bottom area. Move that slider to increase the concentration level of alcohol. I tested it on my blog’s home page with various levels. Here are the result: At 0.0 level everything looks normal. The main change you’ll notice if you move to the level 1.0.

At 1.0 (many spelling errors)


At 2.0 (unable to figure out text and images)


At 3.0 (everything looks so colorful)


At 7.0 it flashes an HTTP error along with a message that “A browser for this kind of content has not been discovered yet”.

It’s fun to see all those result and I wish I could try it in real without using any web app Smile. What’s your take on this? Enjoy, Happy New Year.

[via Techcrunch].

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