Check How Your Website Looks in iPhone 4

If you are a web developer and you want to check how your website looks like in an iPhone 4 then move to a web application called iPhone4Simulator, a website that displays how exactly your website looks like if anyone would open it using iPhone 4 mobile.

To check your website, just visit the iPhone simulator website, slide the unlock button to unlock the phone and then enter your website’s URL in the address bar given inside the iPhone 4 graphic. Press enter and it will display your page.

So the iPhone web apps developer don’t need to go to iPhone 4 to check their websites. It is a real time saver.

It is supported by Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers and gives best results in them. This app is developed by Ritesh Manchanda, Web Designer/Frontend Developer and 3D Artist who lives in New York City. He used iPhone Unlock script by Marco Kuiper and jQuery to create this app.

Check out iPhone4simulator.

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  1. Nice tip himanshu… This helps the bloggers to know whether their site look good or not and make adjustments according to it…

    And also if their site is getting enough traffic one can use the mobile view for the site.. 🙂

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