Check if your E-Mail is being Tracked Before you Open it with Ugly Mail

We have all received E-Mails in our box which may not have the best intentions at heart where people may have intentions which are beyond than just sending you across important information. While most of the cases you do not mind an occasional spam, there are mails that are sent to you with just the intention to track your activities or work on your computer, these are the ones that you need to avoid at any cost in order to safeguard your data. This is where Ugly Mail comes really handy for you.

Ugly Mail

Ugly Mail is an extension for your Gmail available, both for Chrome and Firefox which will live on your browser and every time you access your mailbox, it will notify you in case someone is tracking you via the mail that has been sent. The way it works is that you will see an evil eye right next to the mail subject in your inbox, so that you know that this mail will track your actions and you can refrain from opening the mail.

Currently, Ugly Mail is able to track, tracking pixels from the likes of  Streak, Yesware, Mandrill, MailChimp, Postmark and Bananatag with more expected to be added in the future. The extension is available for absolutely free, and you can download it right from here.

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