Check Out 3D Printer Miracle: A Child Got Magical Arms

3D printing technology evolving with time. It can be a disaster like we saw how a man made gun using 3D printer, also this printer can give someone life. A case happened with two years old kid Emma Lavelle who is suffering from arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (or AMC) since she was born. Due to this disease, her muscles stopped developing and her joints became rigid.

The only solution for Emma to lift her hand was WREX device, a body cast system that helps patients to lift their hands and do daily work. This WREX device comes with elastic bands and artificial support joints.

Since Emma was only 2 years old, this WREX system was not recommended for her. To solve this problem, researchers did some experiment and they made a small WREX system that fits into Emma’s body using 3D printer. And it works like magic. Emma can now eat with her own hand. She can also play with toys and hugs her parents.

To know more about Emma’s story, check out this video:

[via AllthingsD].

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