Check out all the Features of Samsung Galaxy Note III in the Official Video

The dust has barely settled on all the announcements of IFA and despite it being almost a week now the Samsung Note III is generating the same sort of buzz that it did at release. Some of the people are still puzzled how a device of such a mammoth size continue to please the aesthetics of people while some are already counting their saving down for October which is when the device is expected to go on sale. It is not difficult to find out more about the Note II in case you missed out on the live event.


The device features a 5.5 inch Full HD Display now with Snapdragon 800 SoC in most of the US variants There is 3 GB of RAM in the device while the stylus or the S Pen has some nifty cool features. Now, when you press the screen with the S Pen you get this half radial menu where you can pick options from. Plenty of tech analysts are saying this is exactly the same feature as seen in the Paranoid Android ROM an Samsung have simply taken the feature and added to show the menu when S-Pen is touched to the screen.

However, if you would like a full in depth video of all the features of the Samsung Note III, then here is an official video released by Samsung which shows off all the tricks this phone is capable of, though dare we say, most of them are exactly the features we have already seen on the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Anyway, for your curiosity sake, here is the video:


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