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In 2011, two friends sitting in a pub in UK, joking about Queen’s image coming to life off a 20 pounds note. This idea gave birth to World’s leading image recognition augmented reality app known as Blippar. Users can engage with brands, publications and celebrities using augmented reality technology on phones. Using this app is easy, you have to download the Blippar app on your mobile phone (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms supported). After downloading the app, user need to focus their mobile on blippable products, and when the app completes scanning, the image will come into life. You can do many activities like play games, listen to music, change the music tracks, see objects in 3D, and many more.



For example, in the below image, the card in the left is Blipper card having some text written on it. When you blip the card using blippar app in your mobile phone, the card will come alive and you can see many options on it (live card shown in right). Now when you tab the rocket button on your mobile phone, you’ll play game on your screen. Similarly, you can play music, take pictures, share it on social media, check products in 3D. Amazing, isn’t it.


Blippar is investing heavy on Google Glass because their goal is to be the default augmented reality application on all the devices and wearables with a camera lens. They also launched Blippar games for Glass platform, a gaming experience enabling users to bring their world to digital life and interact with it in meaningful ways.

Blippar recently launched in India because they see enormous potntial in India and rest of the Asia. The company’s ambition is to become a next gen visual browser.They are also expanding their partnership across multinational brands, agencies and operators.

Check out [ Blippar on Android and iOS.]

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