Check out Blackberry 10 OS Features on your Android or iOS phones

Like it or hate it, one thing is for sure, you just cannot ignore Blackberry 10. Very few markets in the world have been marketed as strongly and aggressively as the Blackberry Z10, the first smart phone running the Blackberry 10 OS. We may not have been overly in love with the device or OS just yet cause we got to play with it for a real long time. But what if you are planning to buy one of the Z10’s and want to try the device out? Well, now you can do that right away, on your existing Android or iOS device.

Blackberry OS 10 on iPhone

All you need to do is to fire up your Android or iOS browser to the address It is a unique concept where you get to tour the BB 10 features on your existing device. Though not all the features are available and the experience is strictly restricted to swiping and tapping at exact locations you are asked to, but it still gives a very good feel to how the Blackberry OS 10 works and it’s uniqueness.

Blackberry OS 10 on iPhone_2

We remember Nokia doing something similar when we could take a tour of the N9, but that experience was based on desktop only. Here you can simply go to the address and learn how to fire apps on BB10 device, how to close them, even look at the peak feature or how well the Z10 keyboard works.

Blackberry OS 10 on iPhone_3

So why wait? Go ahead and try the BB 10 OS on your Android or iOS device and let us know in the section below if you liked the concept and above all, the OS itself.

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