Check out Early Google Glass Prototypes

Google Glass is a dream device as far as anyone who has remotest interest in technology is concerned. A mere sight of the Glass triggers a set of emotions that are very difficult to jot down in words. It is very similar to how everyone felt about the iPhone when it was launched years ago. Even the ones who are writing against the idea of Glass secretly wish to use it once and wear it in public and show off. So, it is interesting to check out how the device really came up. Here are some of the prototypes showing off how Google Glass has evolved from a complex set of cables and instruments to a sleek device you are proud to wear.




Is it not amazing how things have progressed? And to imagine maybe five years down the line most of these would be sported by everyone just like a smart phone is mind boggling. However, despite reasonably good feedback from people who are using it such as Robert Scoble and Rosa Golijan to mention two, we ain’t totally sure how public will react when these devices become more mainstream and go for retail sale. Whatever may happen, we cannot wait to get our hands on them and try one of these out.

Via: Redmondpie

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