Check Out Fast Wireless Printer DCP-J105 InkBenefit

When you think to buy printer these days, the first thing comes to your mind is whether that printer would be cost saving or not. The other important things while selecting a good printer is how fast it is, whether it is wireless or not, mobile printing capabilities, ease of use etc. Brother DCP-J105 is one such printer which is loaded with plenty of such features. It makes your printing job easier and it comes with some seriously good features.

There is a 2,400^ page-yield cartridges system that comes with INR 530 only. The main feature of these cartridges are they use less ink and saves users money. You can also replace individual colour only when required to avoid unnecessary wastage. Replacement of cartridges are easier and convenient job in this printer.



The main features of this printer are Wireless support and Mobile printing. You can easily connect your computer or mobile phone to this printer and take print wirelessly. Convenient, isn’t it.  This printer is optimized for undisrupted high volume and fast printing. These features saves your time and makes you more productive.

Lamination Technology allows the use of stainless steel elements for lamination of the print head. This protects the print head from corrosion, giving it a longer life span. With Piezo Technology that delivers a safer and lower temperature operation, the print head wears out less easily. This minimizes repair and replacement costs, and translates into valuable savings for users.

The cost of this printer is INR 10990.

Here are the overview of features:

Copy Resolution: Scan (Maximum) 1200 x 1200 dpi, N-in-1

Function: Compress 2 or 4 Pages on to a Single Sheet (Including ID Copy),

Network Protocols (ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto IP),

WINS/Net BIOS Name Resolution,

DNS Resolver, mDNS,

LLMNR Responder,


Custom Raw Port/Port 9100,

Web Services (Print/Scan)),

Power Consumption: Copying Mode – 16 W, Ready Mode – 2.5 W, Off – 0.2 W,

Paper Handling Sizes: Photo 4 x 6 inch (102 x 152 mm), Index Card (127 x 203 mm), Photo-2L (127 x 178 mm),

Scan to Feature (Email, Image, File),

Poster Printing,

Copy Enhancement,

Network Management Tool,

Lamination and Piezo Technology,

Low Running Costs,

Free iPrint and Scan App.

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