Check Out Four New Small Apps For Your Xperia Device

When Sony Xperia Z was launched in India, a lot of people appreciated it’s design and a slab like form factor right from the school of iPhone 4 designing. Being one of the three devices to sport a 1080 P display, the Xperia Z was branded a special device, until people started to notice how poor the screen was in outdoor conditions and direct sunlight.

Small Apps

Yet, one of the concepts which really took off with the Xperia Z was that of small apps. They are basically applications which can be run over any application for a quick calculation or viewing of data. Sony recently released the add on SDK of the applications and plenty of developers have shown an interest in developing these miniature apps. Not available for other devices, we do hope that at some point these small apps become a part of the Android ecosystem as they really are useful addition. Here are three latest Small pps to come from the developers for Xperia Z or other Xperia devices using Small Apps Framework.

Small Torch

Small Torch basically is a large button which allows you to turn the LED of your device On or Off. Particularly useful when you are in dark and quickly need some light.


LMGTFY stands for Let Me Google That For You. As the name suggests, this small app lets you enter your Google Search Query and instead of you having to use a big long URL, it shortens that for you and copies it to the clipboard. A useful little application in case you have to share your search query results.

Media Controls Small App

This is another useful small app for your device which supports small apps. It is a control for music playback not only for the default music player i.e. Walkman but also, third party players such as Google Play Music, Poweramp player etc.

Discount Calculator

A simple yet perhaps one small app of most use, discount calculator allows you to input the MRP of the good and the percentage of discount available. This way you immediately get the new price that you have to pay. A must have if you like your way around shops.

All these four small apps can be downloaded here at XDA Thread for Small Apps. Do not forget to thank the developer and report your feedback.

Via: XDA

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