Check Out Google’s Data Center Thanks To Street View

We all are fascinated by Google more than any other company in the world. Probably Apple is the only one that rivals Google in terms of having that aura around them of secrecy and power. And then comes an opportunity that let’s you into one of these secretive facilities, you have to marvel at technology for it. It is none other than Google themselves that have enabled us to have a little peek into their own world via the street view feature of Google maps. A lot of people were indeed taken a back when it was revealed that you can peek into Google’s facilities so easily. However, we are very sure Google was very much at the heart of these images going viral showing off the power of street view. It is also a real statement of intent to their near and not so dear rivals in Apple, that Google remains the numero uno when it comes to mapping solutions and street viewing.

Putting all that aside, these images are indeed ones to really marvel at. The entire data center is so amazingly well built that you really hold your hands up to Google and respect them for the progress they have made from an ordinary search engine to practically the home of the internet. You too can take a personalized walk into Google’s data center and see how everything is powered and works by simply visiting the link here. Alternatively, here is a video put up by Google themselves to take you on tour to a place very few of us would be able to see in real life.


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