Check Out How a full Wraparound Display Would Look on an iPhone

We have been hearing loads of people complaining about the mobile industry stagnating and not enough interesting developments taking place. The next big things, we do suspect would be a battery revolution of some sort where every phone will be magically packed with sickly thin 4000 mAh plus batteries or some sort of revolution int he display technology. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the 1080P displays out there in the likes of HTC Butterfly, but there is a lot more that can be done with smart phone displays.

wraparound display on iphone

One of the reports in a leading Tech Blog was that Apple has filed for a patent regarding wrap around displays. This means even the edges of   an upcoming iPhone would have some sort of display panel. These things may all be restricted to a prototype, but we find this rumor alongside the fact there maybe flexible displays soon hard to resist. So here is an interesting concept showing off how a wraparound display would look like if it ever came on an iPhone.

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