Check out How Google Glass Functions in this How to Video

If you have been following Blogtechnika over the past few months, you could easily make out, we are extremely excited about Google Glass. It is one of those devices that would trigger and avalanche of wearable computers and that would be a fantastic thing. However, Google Glass is not available for retail sale at the moment, and you can only wait before handing your hard earned money to Google for the device.

Google Glass

image via: Rosa Golijan

At the moment, only select few people can get the device, for the others though Google has released an interesting video that gives a How to Guide for using the Glass. It gives a first hand look at what it would be like using Google Glass. No doubt it would be a spooky experience seeing someone talking to himself and making odd gestures while watching you. The video demonstrates how easy it to record your life and those special moments with your Glass on. You can even reply to your texts and tweets or quickly glance at the weather conditions and traffic information. For more, on the experience  of using Glass, here is the video released by Google.


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