Check out HTC Sense 6.0 Before the imminent release

HTC is all set to take the stage on March 25th and announce the highly anticipated All New HTC One. Unless a major disaster strikes and all the leaks are proved to be wrong, the device is easily expected to be one of the best looking device to be released this year, even though we are hardly three months into the calendar year. The phone is expected to debut a dual lens camera for some interesting concept around focussing and refocussing as well as maybe a 3D image experience.

HTC M7- Sense 6

However, alongside hardware enhancements, the HTC M8 is also expected to bring with it the latest version of HTC Sense called the HTC Sense 6.0. HTC 5.0 was a major upgrade from previous Sense versions and really cut through litter to a more subtle skin. Sense 6.0 is expected to take this to the next level and give an Android experience that is truly in sync if not better than stock Android.

Recently, a video was leaked on Youtube showcasing the all new Sense 6.0 being run on an HTC M7 where the videographer has ported a 6.0 ROM on his device. There are some really good improvements such as to the lockscreen and Blinkfeed and the ability to play around with the default fonts of the device. You can watch the entire video here:

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