Check out New Nokia Lumia’s Camera Performance Against iPhone 5 and GS III

We reported yesterday that Nokia has all but confirmed the Lumia 928 after an image was let loose on the Nokia Website here. Although the sources tell us to stay tuned for information on the specs of the device and what it would feature, one thing is pretty certain that just like the Pureview 808, the Lumia 928’s USP would be it’s Camera. Nokia has always done well with the Camera on their devices and seeing how much they endorsed it on the Lumia 920, it is no surprise that the most talked feature on the Lumia 928 would be the Camera when the device is finally released.


As a quick teaser and a warning to its competitors, Nokia has already released a Video comparing the Low Light Video taking quality of the next Lumia to the heavy weights of the industry such as the iPhone 5 and GS III. Needless to say that the Nokia Pureview device blows both of the competitors away, but again, apart from speculations nothing more is know about the Camera.

The Verge speculates that the device will have 8.7 megapixel PureView camera with Optical Image Stabilization just like the Lumia 920. What is the difference between the two devices is still anybody’s guess. However, you can check the video out here in the mean time to get a good idea of what is coming up.


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