Check Out Over 100 Preliminary Designs Apple Rejected Before Launching iPhone

iPhones have always blown our mind away. From sleek design to a very simple UI, they are probably the phones that anybody can use. There is a popular saying in tech industry that if you want to gift a phone to a woman or elderly person let it be an iPhone, they can try as hard as they want, but they wont be able to mess it up. However, not too many of us know that Apple rejected about 100 designs before the iPhone got the look as we know it today. This was obviously the first gen iPhone we are talking about, the one with Aluminium chassis.

In their quest to prove that they did not copy Sony while designing the iPhone a lot of images have surfaced which show a plenty of designs that Apple at least considered while designing the iPhone. Some of these designs are very unique and we seriously wonder what would it be had Apple gone ahead with some of these designs.

Here are some of them for you:


If you are interested in looking at other designs, feel free to check out AllthingsD who have published an entire gallery of the designs.

via: AllthingsD



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