Check Out The All New And Enhanced Google Voice Search

If you are rocking the latest iPhone or an Android device which is running Android version 4.0 + then you are very well aware of the new Google Voice search. Plenty of experts have called it already much more responsive, natural and functional than the darling assistant of everyone Siri. Google Voice was a pretty solid package which could tell you about common information such as weather and time etc. However, with the latest update, Google has decided to update the voice search which does so much more.

Google is in fact all set to launch Google Voice for the desktops too which would be integrated with Chrome obviously. It is a good move as far as we can see it, since it would take Google search on a whole new level. Now you can search for Movies, mechanics, plumbers, pictures or even definitions of words that you do not understand using this all new Voice Search. The voice also seems a little more natural to me and the capabilities are enhanced. After the latest update, I also felt that Voice search was responding a little faster and picked up my Indian accent in a much better manner than what it did earlier. Over all, it still stays under ‘work in progress’ but seeing how quickly Google are moving ahead with it and making changes, you can bet your money, that very soon in future you will not have to use your keyboard to search Google at least.

We would still like to see a few things more added to Google Now though things like best prices of a commodity, for example the place where I can pick the latest Ultra Book for the cheapest or even things like ISD Codes or state capitals etc. as well as a translator eventually. Over all we have been extremely impressed with Google Now ever since it was launched and it has only got better with time. How far will it go and what more features would be added is anybody’s guess, but be sure we would bring all the enhancements for you as and when they do take place.

Here is a Video that you can watch to see everything that is new in Google Voice. Also, if you have a pending update on your smart phone for Google search, go ahead and download it, you will not regret.

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