Check Out The Case That Makes Back Of Your iPhone Touch Sensitive

At CES we saw loads of gadgets that really blew our minds away. Some of the technology on show was remarkable to say the very least. We saw phones that could resist water, watches that could sync with our watches, some amazing water bottles and the list was endless. CES was dominated by televisions, something that we expected but ranking very close to the TVs were loads of mobile accessories that were on show. The sort of stuff that would make your smart phone even more useful than what it is. One such product that we really liked the idea behind it was Canopy Sensus Case.


Canopy case is a very interesting case primarily for Apple iPhone 4/4s/5. On the first look it looks like just any ordinary case for iPhone like thousands out there, but it obviously is not. This case does a great job of not only protecting the back of your iPhone but also the screen of your device. That might be confusing. So what this case actually does is that it makes the back of your device touch sensitive too. Obviously the back of the cover that is. So in case your hands are dirty or while you are eating something, you do not have to touch the main screen of your device to do basic things such as scrolling through a browser or controlling games. This way your back and front of the iPhone stay well protected. We found this innovation to be really interesting and do wonder if more such accessories could be coming along in the near future. This particular case would be available from $60 to about $100 when it begins shipping.  You can check out the video demonstration of this case in the video below:

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