Check Out The First JellyBean Android Dual Display Phone with LCD And E-Ink Display

Every now and then a smart phone comes to the fore that threatens to change the form factor of current smart phones. Most of the phones today are candy bar in design and very much resemble a touch slab. Other alternatives to this form factor is the QWERTY keyboard phones or a slide out devices which feature a pull out keyboard. However, apart from Blackberry which has gone on and produced plenty of QWERTY devices, most of the companies have not really played around with the form factor. Sony tried to be innovative with its Tablet series by producing a tablet that could be folded and the screen was present on either sides of the hinge. Needless to say the tablet was a massive failure and hardly anyone bothered about it later.


Yet, Yota, which is a Russian mobile company is hoping to defy the odds as they try to bring yet another innovation in the mobile form factor world. The Yota smart phone has a unique design and features two displays. It has a normal LCD display which runs Android and then you can flip the device and that is where you will find an E-Ink display which is pretty much like a black and white display on one of the older models of kindle. The phone in itself has pretty impressed specs with 12 MP Camera and a dual core 1 GHz processor. The phone also has a hefty 2GB RAM on board so by no means this is just an experimental device. Plenty of tech enthusiasts believe though that this sort of configuration could be ideal for a tablet where people can enjoy the world of Android and flip over to read books and save power too. Yet, how well the phone would do is a question that can only be answered once the device comes out in the market. There is no word about the potential launch date and places where the device would be launched as well as the cost. So it pretty much is a case of wait and watch, yet the interesting new design really makes the Yota smart phone one of the devices to keep an eye out in 2013. In the mean time, here is a short demo of the smart phone, do let us know what are your opinions about this innovative design:

Via: Technobuffalo

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