Check Out the First Teaser Video of Windows 8.1

Windows 8 has not been the resounding success that perhaps Microsoft thought it was going to be. However, with the large adoption of touch screens and hybrid laptops, Windows 8 has gained substantial traction in the market today. Despite this, the OS has never been the sort of success the likes of Windows 7 had been. As a result of this Microsoft has been working on releasing the successor to Windows 8 and they confirmed it to be Windows 8.1 codenamed Blue.

Windows 8.1

One of the major attractions of Windows 8.1 has been the return of the legendary Start button which perhaps would give the users a bit of a feel of the old days. There are also rumours of the next Internet Explorer as well as more options to the whole Metro UI. However, things will be more clear when Microsoft unveils the Windows 8.1 at BUILD Conference and releases a preview version post the conference.

However, if you are curious about what is new with Windows 8.1 and what are the changes, then here is a 4 minute video which gives you a bit of a sneak peek. Do not expect too much though since the video is a teaser and nothing more, so perhaps there will be lot ore changes in Windows 8.1 than those seen evidently here.


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