Check Out The In And Out Details Of Apple App Store in 2012

As we are on the threshold of a brand new year in less than a few hours, it would be a good send off by looking at what all made this year all the more technologically advanced than any other year before it. Android came very close to catching Apple when it comes to number of applications produced but at least at the end of 2012 we can safely say that Apple just about edged and had a better selection of applications than Android. Surely y 2013 this choice would be slightly tougher, but for now, Apple can take the number 1 spot.

However, if you are the one who loves his numbers and stats, and would like to know the in depth analysis of how exactly did the Apple’s famed App store perform, then we have some very interesting data for you. A net total of Rewind 340,000 applications were published in the app store this year and about two third of those applications were absolutely free. As compared to last year this number is significantly larger too. Angry Birds was yet again the top game of the year, which makes us wonder how people have not got bored of it already. Perhaps the launch of Star Wars Edition did help Rovio keep the pole position. Draw Something too made a lot of noises this year and was seen to be the top free game in the Apple Store. In the utility App without question, the Google maps app really was a massive hit as it finally gave the mapping solutions to Apple customers which they could trust. Here is an interesting infographic that would give you more such information about how the year has been in the Apple’s mega famous app store.


Via: RedmondPie


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