Check out the iOS 7 Demo on your Browser

iOS 7 must be one of the most spoken about things on the internet currently. Just about every tech site’s front page has some news or the other regarding iOS 7. Like it or not, iOS 7 is here to stay and the design too you would feel will carry on in the future iOS updates unless Apple opts for a drastic redesign very quickly.

iOS 7 Demo Desktop

So, if you are sick of already reading things about iOS 7 and would like to have a shot at the OS but cannot dues to the lack of a developer account or even cause of lack of a compatible iOS device, then there is a very interesting online interactive guide for you. All you have to do is open the following link on your browser and follow the instructions.

Check out the iOS 7 Demo here

The demo allows you to pick the iPhone color too giving you a neat look at how iOS 7 would look on a black and a white iPhone. The interactive demo is prepared by Recombu themselves and for a large part works well. It gives you a nice basic idea of iOS 7, although there are a few stutters here and there which are to be expected. As you click along, you also get a nice message box that tells you what the feature is when you clicked on.

We highly recommend anyone who is interested in iOS 7 and hasnt had first hand experience yet to try it out.

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