Check Out the new Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom Ad

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S IV Zoom yesterday. The device aims to blur the lines between a dedicated point shooter Camera as well as a smart phone. You can check out the specs of the device as well as everything about it in our post here. The device just like Mega has let to a lot of head shaking in disbelief, by the people who claim to know mobile technology inside out.

The device very much looks like a Camera with a built in radio, and nothing like a Nokia PureView 808 which at least looks like a phone and definitely boasts a better Camera. And no, this is not just based on the Mega Pixel Count.If you have been wondering how the Galaxy S IV Zoom would look next to your ear when you make or receive a call, then Samsung have done you a favor by showing exactly that in their latest Ad film shot for the promotion of Samsung Galaxy S IV Zoom. You can check it out here:

We have to admit, that the device looks extremely odd next to ear, in fact, just as weird as those 7 inch tablets which make phone calls. However, with Samsung device one thing for sure is that the device will sell, and there will be people who will want to use it as a dedicated Camera and perhaps a secondary smart phone.

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