Check out the Nokia Lumia 1520: A Six Inch Windows Phone

Bigger is better. Yes, it seems the tech world is revolving around this philosophy at least right now. The market is filled with devices with absolutely absurd sizes with gigantic screens. The difference between a tablet and a phone is now bare minimal. And despite drawing criticism from the experts in the field of technology, you feel given the great demand, companies will continue to produce 6 inch phones.


Jumping right into the mix now is Nokia with it’s Lumia 1520. Now, we have no clue whether to call this device the Nokia Lumia 1520 or the Microsoft Lumia 1520, but the bottom line is that a 6 inch Lumia device is very close to being released. The device has some pretty nifty specs. It measures 6 inches diagonally and has a true HD 1080 P Display. There is 2 GB RAM on board and Snapdragon 800 SoC.


What is astounding is that Windows Phone is one of the lightest OS out there and do not really require such high end specifications. Also, given the text based UI of Windows Phone, we are not entirely sure how well would all this go with a massive display like that on the Lumia 1520. There are no specific dates out yet as to when the device will be released, but it shouldnt be far away given the leaked images.

Via: The Verge

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