Check out the Official Samsung Galaxy S IV Wireless Charger

Wireless Charging is gradually becoming one of those features that are a must have on every high end smart phone today. Although, you understand that it is a luxury but one that people do want their phones to support. They may never use it, but that is how consumers tink today. They want the latest and greatest despite never using the facility ever.


Using the wireless charging brick gives you a carefree experience where you do not have to worry about getting entangled in wires. Qi has been the current standard when it comes to Wireless Charging and this was first introduced in the Lumia 920 out of the box. However, the standards are not set in stone just yet and there may be changes coming soon. As far as the Galaxy S IV, the flagship device of Samsung, it does not support Wireless charging out of the box.


however, the Qi Wireless kit comes with a power jacket that enables wireless charging on the device and the power brick to fill the juice in the device. Applying the back panel which allows for inductive charging does introduce a bit of thickness and chunkiness to the device but that is a given. The users who have played around with the kit do believe that it provides the device with a little more grip. NFC does work with the Wireless Charging back panel too.

The charging brick is similar to how we saw it first on the Lumia 920. It is curved and has a matte finish.Placing the device on the Wireless Charger pops up a message on the device which confirms your device is wirelessly charging. For those, who are fascinated by figures, the Qi Wireless charger, charges the S IV at 650 mA. You can check the charger out, in this detailed video:

Via: Android Central

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