Check out the Official Trailer of ‘Jobs’ featuring Ashton Kutcher

No, Blogtechnika is not turning into a movie blog or anything remotely close. But the movie Jobs we are talking about is perhaps the movie we have all been waiting for the most in the tech verse. As the name suggests, the movie is based on the life of Steve Jobs and how he went about bringing Apple Inc to the fore of the tech world as we know it today. It is surely stuff of the legends and would be interesting to see how the movie does on the comercial cinema scale.

jobs movie

One of the biggest criticisms of the movie already has been the casting of Ashton Kutcher, the famous hollywood actor to play Steve. Ashton for all his acting prowess does not really resemble Steve and that perhaps could be the biggest point holding the movie back. Steve Wozniak, or popularly known as the other Woz, has spoken fondly about the script of the movie in the past and believes of the two movies based on the life of Steve Jobs, Jobs is the one closer to reality and will do better off. So without keeping you waiting, here is the theatrical trailer of ‘Jobs’.

Do let us know in the section below if you are also excited about the movie just like we are.

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